Mobile phone shell measurement

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mobile phone shell measurement with the Feather Touch Probes

Feather Touch Probes are designed specifically for applications where low tip forces are critical. Air is vented through the shroud at the front of the probe during actuation, which in turn cleans the bearing.

Range: 2 to 20 mm - Acuracy: Up to 0.05% of reading - Resolution: up to 0.01 um - Repeatability: Up to 0.15 um.

The Challenge
Many manufacturers of mobile phones shells choose to make a number of automatic equipments, including measuring equipment to reduce the cost of labour. A multi-point measuring system is needed to determine whether a phone casing is of the exact dimensions required.

Ensuring measuring systems will not damage the product is of high importance, particularly within the electronics industry. The dimension of a mobile phone casing needs to be precise, much like the majority of components within the electronics, and as technologies get ever more compact, this need is heightened.

The Solution
Using feather touch probes, with easy interconnection, high accuracy and high quality, Solartron are able to provide a complete solution for the measurement of electronic components.
Digital probes are used to measure the shell dimensions of smart phones and personal computers.

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