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  • Aerospace Applications

    Aerospace is, with automotive, the most demanding industry of all; when there are lives at stake, quality cannot be left to chance.

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  • Automotive Applications

    The inspection of first-out parts is essential to any manufacturing process. These parts, considered as prototypes, are typically produced in small quantities and measured against a blueprint or compared with a CAD file to verify whether the parts were accurately produced and, when applicable, identify causes of defects.

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  • Bearings Applications

    Today's vehicles and machinery are quieter and more efficient than, bearing quality is a controlling factor in these and other high technology developments.

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  • Manufacturing Applications

    The UPT Division measurement technologies are the dream of any manufacturer in need of an accurate and reliable measurement device designed to operate in “real-life” shop floor conditions.

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  • Medical Appilcations

    Measurement and analysis delivers an in depth understanding of characteristics such as wear and provide vital feedback for design improvements

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  • Optics Applications

    Precision optics are being made to ever higher specification levels, demanding metrology solutions to match.

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