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Roller bearing measurement Taylor Hobson

Roller Banner Measurement
Roller bearing measurement Talyrond
Taylor Hobson provides non-contact and contact measurement solutions for improving the design and functionality of roller bearings and ensuring that they are manufactured precisely in accordance with their design criteria.

Rapid non-contact and contact solutions

Compare measured profiles to design data
Taylor Hobson’s ‘DXF Creator’ coverts design formulae into profiles for comparison to measurements, providing analysis of:

Form error
• View the difference between the desired and measured shape, then check and dress the shape of the grinding wheel.

X offset
• The shape of the measured profile and its X position with respect to the end datum of the bearing can be measured using fixtures. The machine axis can then be adjusted as required.

Profile tilt

• Unique to Taylor Hobson Talyrond® systems, any tilt of the profile with respect to the roller bearing axis can be calculated. This allows adjustment of the grinding wheel angle.

Product solutions

• Talyrond®
• Form Talysurf®
• Surtronic® Range

Analysis solutions
• Advanced Contour
• Cylinder Map
• Advanced Harmonics
• Velocity Analysis
• Advanced Dual Profile
• DXF Creator
• Roughness
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