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Ball screws and ball nuts

Talyrond® - Low noise helical harmonic and surface finish measurement
Low noise analysis of single lead
Talyrond® - Low noise helical harmonic and surface finish measurement
Taylor Hobson has an in depth understanding of the wide range of applications for ball screw and lead screw actuator functionality; from aircraft control surfaces and landing gear, to precision movement of machine tools.

Precise, low noise measurement

Talyrond® systems are highly stable, low noise measurement platforms. This makes it possible to clearly identify the characteristic harmonics of ball screws and ball nuts.

Traceability to international standards

Taylor Hobson’s harmonic standard validates the accuracy of ball screw and ball nut harmonic results.
It confirms the unique low noise capability and high bandwidth of the Talyrond® system. See page 10 for further information.

Helix angle correction and thread analysis

Helix angle correction uses the axial measurement taken along the gothic thread profile, transforming it so that it represents a measurement taken perpendicular to the thread.

This allows for tolerancing and analysis of the profile against the design drawing and software simulation of the ball bearing fit within the gothic thread. Critical gothic arc features such as contact angle, arc radii and distance between centres can be determined as shown in the diagram below.
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