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Hips – extending implant life

Hips – extending implant life
Advanced surface and wear measurement
Surface finish and form
Orthopaedic implants, like femoral heads, stems and sockets, are manufactured with a very low form error and a high degree of smoothness so as to function as low wear bearings. During in vivo use, the surfaces are subject to both wear and damage.

Articulating surfaces naturally wear in normal use. 3D mapping techniques utilised on Taylor Hobson instruments enable you to calculate the volume of the component and the volume of material that has been worn away. This is an essential part of improving the quality and safety of implants by analysis of the wear and damage found on explanted components.

Advanced surface and wear measurement

Taylor Hobson’s Talyrond systems measure form and topography simultaneously, identifying areas of wear or corrosion, providing precise dimensions for calculating the volume of material loss.

This is achieved by use of a high resolution gauge (0.3 nm), a frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision axial and radial datums for measurement of roundness, straightness and cylindricity. The system also incorporates a patented gauge calibration technique for the measurement of radius, angle, height, length and distance.

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