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Knees – improving prosthetic piece performance

Knees – improving prosthetic piece performance
Advanced surface and wear measurement
Wear on joint prostheses is the main cause of premature failure leading to revision surgery. Increasing the prosthetic component’s life is a challenge to the industry. Furthermore, maintaining quality control during the manufacturing process is key to improving the performance of prosthetic pieces. Taylor Hobson’s combined equipment like the Form Talysurf and Talyrond can enable a clearer understanding of these points.

Quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process

Orthopeadic articulating surfaces – knee implant
Knee replacement surgery was first performed in 1968. Since then, improvements in manufacture, materials and design have significantly
increased its effectiveness. Manufacturing process control, combined with the detailed measurement and analysis of surface texture,
form and wear have made total knee replacements one of the most successful of medical procedures.

Product solutions

• Form Talysurf i-Series
• Form Talysurf PGI

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