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Lens moulds for small optics: contact

Steep sided aspheric moulds for small optics
Lens moulds for small optics: contact

Steep sided aspheric moulds for small optics are among the most demanding of today’s ultra-high precision optics applications and present a number of challenges in obtaining highly accurate and repeatable form data.

Unique capability for small steep-sided lens moulds

Results you can trust – unmatched repeatability
Table 1 illustrates excellent form error repeatability on a precision mold. Results are from the PGI Dimension system, ideal for small steep-sided, concave lens moulds.

Measure steep-sided optics with ease

By tilting the traverse datum, the PGI Dimension prevents stylus flanking and eliminates the need for steep-sided measurements. This prevents data distortion.
Before the start of the measurement, the sample is aligned using Taylor Hobson’s patented advanced centre and level technique. The alignment is achieved by taking 4 measurements in turn, indexing the spindle by 90 degrees each time.

Excellent repeatability – results you can trust!
All Taylor Hobson instruments provide highly stable measurement platforms. This is the foundation for true characterisation of precision optics. It ensures that the sample remains well aligned for measurement, delivering unmatched repeatability and providing the perfect solution for production process control and research work.

For further information, please contact Taylor Hobson and request Application note A139: High precision measurement of steep-sided miniature aspheres.

Product solutions
• PGI Dimension
• PGI Optics
• PGI Matrix

Analysis solutions
• TalyMap®
• Aspherics Analysis Utility (AAU)
• Tool tip radius and x-offset correction

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