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Founded in 2002 in Lévis (Québec, Canada), Creaform is a world-class leader in 3D measurement technology as well as 3D engineering services. 

We develop, manufacture and distribute portable and automated 3D scanning solutions to thousands of clients in over 75 countries. Our innovative technology benefits a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, consumer products, research & education, NDT, heavy industries and power generation.

With offices and innovation centers in 13 countries, our team is now counting more than 600 dedicated employees and more than 150 distributors worldwide.

Mission Statement
Creaform’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market cutting edge portable 3D measurement and analysis technologies that increase productivity. Through its expertise and the passion and commitment of its employees, Creaform helps companies from the manufacturing industry to seamlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate in 3D, significantly enhancing their turnaround times and profitability.

Vision Statement

Through our ambitious market goals, entrepreneurial teamwork, and customer-driven innovation, we will remain the leading global provider of game-changing dimensional measurement solutions and engineering services.

We will maintain a constant commitment to ethical behavior, personal integrity, and responsible business conduct. And we will stand out by communicating with an open mind, providing our employees with real opportunities to achieve work–life balance, and fostering a positive and pleasant workplace atmosphere where everyone feels like they are part of the team.

There are no limits to how far we can go.

Value Statement

At Creaform, we are pioneers. We venture where nobody else has yet dared to tread, boldly designing products and technology for projects that were once beyond the imagination. We redefine the boundaries of the 3D universe by constantly pushing back the limits of technology.

We are on fire, driven by the conviction that nothing is impossible. We invest ourselves heart and soul to transform the projects we imagine into reality. We trace our future road with pride and enthusiasm.

The path to technological innovation is paved with obstacles. Yet this is the path we have chosen, and we follow it with perseverance, ambition, and assurance. Whatever the weather, we march onward with determination.

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Creaform Inc. (Head Office)
4700 rue de la Pascaline, Lévis QC G6W 0L9, Canada - 
Phone: 1-418-833-4446 - Fax: 1-418-833-9588