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The new SEM-Base® VI

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

EM-Base® VI
EM-Base® VI, the next generation in STACIS active piezoelectric vibration cancellation. SEM-Base VI is designed to support all commercial Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), as well as many Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Small Dual Beam instruments. SEM-Base VI provides improved vibration isolation performance, a faster more robust controller, and an advanced graphical user interface (GUI). SEM-Base VI will enable more labs and facilities to achieve the level of floor vibration required to satisfy the specifications of the tool manufacturer. 

SEM-Base® VI uses a unique "serial architecture" in which the vibration sensors measure floor vibration, not payload vibration. This ensures that, unlike other designs, payload resonances do not inherently limit vibration isolation or cause instability. The vibration sensors are low frequency inertial velocity sensors for maximum sensitivity in the difficult to measure sub-hz range. Combined with our unique piezo-actuator technology, SEM-Base VI achieves extremely high levels of vibration cancellation, even on already quiet floors. 

SEM-Base® VI provides, on average, 6 dB more vibration isolation than previous models. In addition, TMC's next generation controller, the DC-2020, features a new dual-core processor and provides tool owners and researchers with a very simple and easy-to-use graphical interface for fast system assessment and operational peace-of-mind. When connecting over Ethernet, the DC-2020 creates the SEM-Base GUI in the user's browser with no additional software or application program to install. Alternatively, the user can interface with the controller via an on-board menu-driven Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). 


- Incorporates proprietary STACIS® technology
- Active inertial vibration cancellation system
- 895 x 1124 x 160 mm (35.25 x 44.25 x 6.3 in.) 
- Load capacity: 408 - 1134 Kg (900 - 2,500 lb.)
- Isolation efficiency at 1Hz: 40-70%
- Isolation efficiency at 2Hz: 90%
- Isolation efficiency at 3Hz and higher: 90-98%
- 6 active degrees-of-freedom
- Installs easily, minimal tuning required
- Compatible with all internal tool vibration isolation systems
- Power requirement: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, <600W
- Air requirement: none
- CE and RoHS compliant
- Fully-Integrated Single-Platform design
- Optional casters allow easy portability, no lifting required
- Compatible with SEM-Lift™ System

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