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Solartron Metrology Launches a ProfiNet® gateway for its Orbit®3 Network.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Solartron Metrology Launches a ProfiNet® gateway for its Orbit®3 Network
Solartron Metrology has just launched its latest Protocol Interface Module (PIM), which connects its versatile Orbit®3 network with any ProfiNet® based PLC.  The PIM makes it simple to network up to 150 Solartron Digital contact probes, non contact measurement sensors, and third party sensors, which can then be easily output to any ProfiNet® based PLC or Network. This stand alone, Din Rail mounted module provides one ProfiNet® port and one ORBIT®3  port which can power up to ten sensors.  

With the PIM, potential users will have an easier time setting up sensors for automation. To set up, you merely plug the PIM into a Laptop, and then identify all sensors that are on an Orbit module “stack.” You also adjust any Profinet output settings. All address data is saved to the PIM module, and then you identify the PIM on a network.  Solartron’s Orbit®3 network is the first of its kind that can network both Digital contact probes, as well as non-contact Sensors, including Laser and Confocal on the same interface.  The PIM can also tie into 3rd party sensors via the Encoder Interface Module, meaning you need just one connection for a multitude of sensors..

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