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Freeform L 5 Axis Machining System

Freeform L
5-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System

Flexibility Without Compromise
Whether you need to manufacture a freeform part today or want the flexibility for future market requirements,
the Freeform L is precisely the machine you need.

Precitech has added an innovative vertical axis to our field proven large frame platform, increasing flexibility and precision. With the Freeform L, customers can diamond turn, micro-mill, micro-grind, and groove non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Adding this third linear axis gives users the flexibility to produce freeform surfaces which may not be achievable using 2 linear axis machining.

Since 1962 we have delivered complete ultra precision solutions and maintain an installed base of over 1,500 systems worldwide. We continue to define the state-of-the-art, enhancing accuracy, productivity, and ease of use.

• Industry leading swing and load capacity
• Flexibility to produce freeform geometries with 3 linear and up to 2 rotary CNC axes
• 5 Axis freedom with 3 axis performance Y axis and spindle designed for maximum thermal stability
• Thermally controlled enclosure options insure accuracy during long cutting-time parts
• Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system
• Capability to produce large and small parts auxiliary spindle mount to the X axis

Key Specifications

Turning performance: Surface roughness < 1.5 nm Ra Form accuracy < 0.125 micron P-V
Milling performance:
Surface roughness < 10 nm Ra
(< 3 nm is achievable with optimum material and cutting conditions)
Form accuracy:
< 0.2 micron P-VUltimate load capacity: 91 kg (200 lbs) @ 100 psi supply pressure
Standard swing capacity:
650 mm diameter over the B axis – can be expanded to 700 mm when equipped with temperature controlled room