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Freeform® MGG and Ultra Precision Mill

Freeform® MGG and Ultra Precision Mill
Microgroove generator for machining grooves on flat and freeform surfaces

Key Benefits:

• Simple straight forward tool path programming allows for maximum usability
• Unparalleled application flexibility enabled by several unique machine configurations
• Maximize the performance of your end product by maintaining groove depth variability of less than 3 microns
• Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system
• Minimized sensitivity to thermal fluctuation thermal management of on-machine heat sources
• Easy to use UPx machine control and a functional ergonomic console
• Productivity enhancing integrated diagnostic tools

Typical Applications:

• Retroreflective film molds street signs, highly reflective clothing, automotive reflectors
• LED lighting applications light bending, focusing enhancing, filtering, color shifting
• Other freeform grooving applications