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Optoform® 80

Optoform® 80
The world’s most technically advanced ophthalmic lathe, the elite Optoform® 80 is the ultimate machine for the manufacture of any Intra – Ocular and Contact Lens designs.

The Optoform® 80 is a compact 2–axis, linear motor, continuous path, ultra–precision, computer controlled contouring machine designed for high speed lathing of spherical, multi – curve, or aspheric contact lenses and intraocular lenses as well as non–ferrous metal molds. In addition, user defined edge configurations can be specified, incorporated into the lens/mold design and directly machined.

The machine is built on a natural granite base and utilizes a passive, three – point pneumatic vibration isolation system. Designed to provide ultra – smooth motions. The high stiffness, hydrostatic oil bearing slideways utilize linear motor technology with ultra – fine pitch linear glass scales for positioning feedback.

The #1 choice of mold tool (insert) manufacturers using non–ferrous metals.

The world–leader in ophthalmic lathes, the Optoform® 80 produces the “no-polish” RGP lenses required by many new ophthalmic technologies with CNC spray – misting. The Optoform® 80 produces the full, vast array of possible surfaces used in any Contact or Intra – Ocular Lens design, as well as free – form designs (with fast tool servo attachment

• Linear Motors provide frictionless, smooth, maintenance – free motion.
• The Hydrostatic Oil Slides give excellent stiffness and their “damping properties” translate to significantly superior surface finishes.
• Air – bearing Spindles offer smooth frictionless rotation. The new – design Optoform 80 uses the Precitech HS–75 spindle, which is used on the Nanoform® 250 Ultra. This is water – cooled for enhanced thermal stability, with chiller included.
• The position sensing system (laser scales) is independent of the drive system (linear motors) for complete accuracy.
• The positioning sensing resolution is 8.6 nanometers on both slides (10 nm in the control software)
• The thick granite base provides thermal stability, and active vibration mounts exclude disturbance from environmental factors.
• The lathe is fully compatible with all Fast Tool Servo attachments for producing non-rotationally symmetrical optics (Variform, Varimax, FTS-1000).
• The Gang Tooling system holds up to 6 diamond tools.
• Available options include the Toric Marker (axis) and CNC controlled spray mist to enhance surface finish and prolong diamond tool life.
• The Machine Control Software is extremely flexible, accommodating all Ophthalmic applications.
• A variety of advanced Lens Design Software modules is available for all applications (The lathe is also Focal Points compatible.)
• Touch screen controls are standard for the computer, (with removable keyboard included)
• The Optoform 80 lathe is fully network ready with ethernet connection.

OPTOFORM® 80 Lathe Options

• Special shipping provisions for ocean freight
• LVDT Tool Setter: Includes both horizontal and vertical LVDT probes one setter can service multiple machines
• Milling accessory
• Spray mist system
• Spare dual tool holder
• FTS options (see the Sterling Ultra Precision website )
• Software options (see the Sterling Ultra Precision website)