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Diagnostic Instruments

Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope

Ocular ultrasonography is an important adjunct for the clinical assessment of various ocular and orbital diseases. The Reichert Reflex Ultrasound Biomicroscope enables operators to easily image the anterior and posterior segments of the eye; providing important information not possible with clinical examination alone.

Users can now image pathologies, which may be obstructed by opacities or ocular structures, that OCT technology cannot. The easy to use touch screen interface provides effortless use of analysis tools, while the unique probe design allows the operator to examine the patient in sitting or reclined positions, without the need for a traditional water bath.

Reflex is different from other UBM devices. It is compact, all-in-one, and easy to use; providing a rapid and comfortable examination for both the operator and the patient. Its image quality and intuitive software are unsurpassed by competing UBM devices.

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