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Tono-Pen AVIA® - Handheld Tonometer

Tono-Pen AVIA® Applanation Tonometer

Improve on a classic? Meet Tono-Pen AVIA®.

Tono-Pen AVIA® Handheld Tonometer
is always ready-to-use and calibration-free. An award-winning ergonomic design, long life battery good for thousands of measurements, and statistical confidence indicator, make it the most advanced Tono-Pen® yet.

Tono-Pen AVIA®, now with Quick-Tap® Measurement Mode, builds on all the features that make the classic Tono-Pen® XL the clinicians’ choice for the past 30 years. Supported by hundreds of publications, Tono-Pen provides fast, accurate, and reliable IOP measurements that are less sensitive to corneal centration, can be taken in any position, and requires minimal training. Tono-Pen handheld tonometers are proudly designed and assembled in our state-of-the art world headquarters in Buffalo, NY, USA.

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