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Solartron Metrology

Solartron Metrology
  • Orbit® 3 Digital Gauging and Positioning Network
    Orbit® 3 Digital Gauging

    Orbit® 3 Gauging and Positioning Network is a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems.

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  • Orbit® ACS

    Automation and Control System - Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, introduces Orbit® ACS , which stands for Automation and Control Systems.

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  • Orbit® Confocal
    Non-Contact Sensors

    Non-contact Lasers enable measurement and testing systems to be as complex as necessary.

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  • AC Miniature LVDT - MD
    Absolute Displacement Transducers LVDT

    Our LVDT Displacement Transducers are very rugged and reliable sensors suitable for a variety of applications.

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  • Analogue Gauging
    Analogue Gauging

    Solartron Metrology's extensive range of gauge probes has something suitable for a very wide range of environments.

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  • SI7500 LCD Orbit® 3 Display & Controller

    Digital Displays for analogue & digital sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications.

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  • Wi Gauge

    The WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge offers increased efficiency, flexibility and uncompromised accuracy in the palm of your hand.

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