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Analogue specialist Probes (AU, BG)

Palpador de Block
Analogue Specialist Probes
Solartron's specialist gauging products are for applications where a standard pencil probe, for various reasons, won't fit. They are primarily motion changers or mechanical interfaces that sit between the component and measuring sensor.

Block Gauges have precision linear bearings with zero clearance which limits unmeasured movement and therefore maintains excellent repeatability, even when the contact tip is mounted off centre. Flexures have no sliding components within the gauge frame and no contacting moving components within the sensor. This means that millions of cycles are achievable without degradation of performance.

Analogue Flexure Gauge - AU
Flexures are ideal for very high volume and high precision applications such as bearing component gauging. They are often the best solution for measuring moving material, such as roughness testing.

Key Specifications
• Measurement Range (mm): 2.0 - 10
• Pneumatic and Spring Push variants
• Tip Force (N): 1.5 ± 20%

Analogue Block Gauge - BG

Block Gauges make precision measurements of bores and cavities a simple and reliable process. A range of springs are available to ensure that tip forces can be maintained with the Block Gauge mounted in any attitude. Pneumatic actuators can be retrofitted for automatic applications.

Key Specifications
• Measurement Range (mm): 1.0 - 2.0
• Pneumatic and Spring Push variants
• Tip Force (N): 1.0 - 1.5 ± 20%