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AC Miniature LVDT - MD
AC Miniature LVDT - MD
The small case diameter (6mm and 8mm) allows for easy installation in confined spaces. A right angle output facility is available as a retrofit for the 8mm version.

The low core weight makes this range ideal for use in low inertia systems. Cross talk is prevented by the screened cable, which also allows for multiple use of these transducers in close proximity.

Key features:
• 2, 5, 10, 20mm measurement range
• Half bridge and LVDT version
• Small 6 or 8 mm body diameter
• Pressure tested to 100 bar

AC Miniature LVDT - SM
SM transducers cover two standard linear ranges from ±1mm to ±3mm. They are designed for measuring displacement in applications where infinite resolution and repeatability are required in a very small size. The core and push rod assembly moves friction-free within the sensor, an alternative design is available where only the core, threaded at both ends, is provided. Recommended push rod material is titanium; other materials can be used, but with varying effects on the electrical characteristics.

Key features:
• 2.6mm measurement range
• Rugged construction
• Short body length

Optimum Displacement Series - OP

With a 9.5mm body diameter, the Optimum Series of LVDT displacement transducers is the ideal choice for process control and research applications where space is limited. Optimum Series transducers are available with free or guided core.

Key features:
• 3, 12, 25mm measurement range
• 0.25% Linearity FRO
• Small 9.5mm body diameter