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Orbit® ACS
Automation and Control System

Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, introduces Orbit® ACS , which stands for Automation and Control Systems.

The first product is the SI100, which is a simple one channel stand-alone unit for quick measurement and PLC output. The SI200 comes with a probe, integral screen, and PLC output, but can also connect to one Orbit® 3 digital probe via T-con for a two channel system. The SI400 will connect to, and power, three additional sensors for a four channel reading.
All modules will carry the same accuracy, repeatability, and durability as a standard Orbit® 3 probe.

Orbit® ACS is ideally suited for measurement automation in high volume manufacturing. The Orbit® ACS system having both a local display and outputs for PLCs enable them to be used as automation instrumentation.

• Stand alone unit
• Full colour display provides analogue and digital reading
• Modbus communications or Solartron Serial outputs
• Discrete I/O
• High Accuracy
• Available with large number of Integral tranducers
• +24 VDC power supply
• Din Rail mounting
• Mathematical Functions