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Roundness and Form

  • Talyrond® 565H / 585H

    The Talyrond® 585H is a fully automated roundness/cylindricity instrument that is unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability, with 6 versions to choose from offering the right balance of automation and capacity for virtually every application.

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  • Talyrond® 595H

    The Talyrond® is ideally suited for the high accuracy measurement of applications such as precision bearings, fuel injectors, crankshafts and turbocharger parts.

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  • Talyrond® 500 HS

    The carousel transforms the Talyrond® 500HS into a ultra high precision multi-part measurement system.

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  • Talyrond® 400H

    The Talyrond 400H roundness instruments use rotary, vertical and horizontal measuring datums to duplicate your machine tool’s movement and exactly reproduce the workpiece shape.

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  • Talyrond 500XL
    Talyrond® 500 XL

    The Talyrond XL systems are extremely popular for the measurement of large diameter bearings and non-rotationally symmetric components.

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  • Talyrond 2000
    Talyrond® 2000

    The Talyrond® 2000 spindle bearing provides roundness accuracy on tall and heavy loads to a level unsurpassed by any other roundness instrument.

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  • Talyrond® 450

    Specifically designed for the measurement of powertrain components such as heads, blocks, crankshafts, connecting rods and many more.

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  • Surtronic® Roundness

    A range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.

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  • Talyrond® 130 / 131

    The Talyrond® 131 is an afforable roundness cylindricity measuring instrument capable of automated operation.

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