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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures
Acoustic Enclosure for SEMs

SEM-Closure™ is an acoustic enclosure designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Together with TMC's SEM-Base™ floor platform and Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation, SEM-Closure™ provides a total environmental solution to protect sensitive SEMs from all outside interference. 

SEM-Closure is designed to accommodate SEM-Base, an active piezoelectric vibration cancellation floor platform, and Mag-NetX in a sealed and temperature-controlled acoustical chamber – protecting the SEM from vibration, magnetic field disturbances, and acoustic noise. 

Integration of the three systems ensures proper fit and compatibility. The vibration isolation system can be inside the enclosure itself. Also, the SEM-Closure frame is designed to accommodate Mag-NetX Helmholtz coils as well as the acoustic panels, eliminating the need for a second frame to house the coils. SEM-Closure provides multiple access points, a heat dissipation system, and provisions for tool plumbing and cabling within the system.

83-500 Series
Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosures
End-users, however, were placed in a position of having to design their own acoustic enclosures for their unique applications. Given the level of design involved, this was impractical. Demand arose for a standard, off-the-shelf TMC enclosure incorporating many of the features of our custom enclosures with the practicality of a single, multi-purpose design. The 83-500 Series Acoustic Enclosure was designed as this multi-purpose acoustic enclosure.

• Steel exterior with powder-coat finish
• Acoustic attenuation, up to 40 dB
• Enclosure compatible with TMC line of active and passiveTableTop™ vibration isolation systems
• Hinged side panels, glass window, and caster
• Self-opening front panel retracts away from operator
• Robust handle and latch ensure comfort and ease of use

OEM & Custom Configurations

For some applications, a custom acoustic enclosure may be necessary. This may demand a significant level of design
and engineering. TMC can work with you to configure such a system tailored to your unique requirements. Integrated steel and stainless steel assemblies incorporating TMC's proprietary vibration and acoustic control techniques