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  • DoubleDensity™ Optical Top
    CleanTop® DoubleDensity™ Optical Top

    TMC's Double Density™ CleanTop Optical Top offers twice the number of tapped holes with no changes to performance specifications. This ergonomic enhancement enables precise location of positioning equipment, less travel for translation stages, and is compatible with standard 1/4-20 on 1 in. and M6 on 25mm patterns.

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  • Performance Series
    Performance Series

    TMC's Research Grade CleanTop® Optical Top provides the ultimate in optical top performance. Unmatched in the industry, Research Grade performance combines the smallest cell-size and highest core density with the unique CleanTop® design, all-steel construction, and the highest level of structural damping commercially available.

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  • Optical Top Support Systems
    Optical Top Support Systems

    4-Post Support System with Tiebars, 6-Post Support System with Tiebars, Free Standing Post and Rigid Support.

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