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CleanTop® DoubleDensity™ Optical Top

DoubleDensity™ Optical Top
DoubleDensity™ Optical Top

TMC's Double Density™ CleanTop Optical Top offers twice the number of tapped holes with no changes to performance specifications. This ergonomic enhancement enables precise location of positioning equipment, less travel for translation stages, and is compatible with standard 1/4-20 on 1 in. and M6 on 25mm patterns.

DoubleDensity™ CleanTop® 784 Series Research Grade Optical Tops provide the ultimate in performance. Unmatched in the industry, this top combines the smallest cell-size and highest core density with the unique CleanTop design, all-steel construction, and the highest level of structural damping commercially available.

Research Grade CleanTops are recommended for the most demanding applications including interferometers, holography, and ultra-fast lasers, as well as the most severe floor vibration environments. For the best overall vibration control, consider combining this top with a STACIS® iX support, a hybrid air/piezoelectric, 2-stage vibration cancellation system. 

The CleanTop® Advantage
All steel construction. No particle board sidewalls or plastic layer between top skin and honeycomb core. Assures maximum strength and structural integrity

Smallest core cell size, highest core density. The CleanTop design does not require enlarging the steel honeycomb core cell size because CleanTop cups are cylindrical, not conical as found in plastic layer designs. CleanTop's average cell size of 0.5 in.(2) is at least 50% smaller than that achieved with plastic layer designs assuring the highest stiffness and greatest core-to-skin bonding contact area

Steel to steel to steel. CleanTop achieves a spill-proof core with only two bonding layers: top skin to core and core to bottom skin. Imitations must add a third bonding layer which weakens the structure: top skin to plastic layer, plastic layer to core, and core to bottom skin.

Thermal stability. The CleanTop all steel construction assures materials of identical coefficient of thermal expansion ensuring optimal thermal stability.


TMC's CleanTop Optical Top is the best method yet for providing a spill-proof, clean, precise, and corrosion resistant optical top with unmatched structural performance. CleanTop is now a standard feature of all TMC optical tops. 

Individual CleanTop cups are epoxy-bonded under each tapped hole after it is tapped and cleaned. Cups are made from chemically resistant nylon 6, and stainless steel (304 alloy) cups are available. Holes are now tapped and countersunk prior to adding the cups to allow the machined top sheet to be thoroughly cleaned with open, rather than blind, holes prior to bonding. 

The top plate is processed through a custom TMC industrial cleaning center where a high pressure, high temperature cleaning solution is forced through each threaded hole, completely clearing any machining or tapping debris. Several rinse and dry cycles ensure an essentially "sterilized" top surface prior to bonding the cups. 

CleanTop represents another innovation in TMC's long optical top tradition of industry "firsts" including: 

• First spill-proof optical top (CleanTop) 
• First all-steel optical top
• First oil-free optical top 
• First honeycomb core registered to the tapped hole array
• First lightweight breadboard with formed rather than drilled holes
• First vacuum compatible optical top