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CleanBench™ Lab Tables and Accessories

CleanBench™ Lab Tables
With Gimbal Piston™ Vibration Isolation

CleanBench™ is the next generation of our industry standard 63 series lab tables. TMC's vibration isolation lab tables lead the industry in performance and are ideal for a wide variety of applications including AFM, Confocal Microscopy, IVF, Patch-Clamping, Interferometry, and Metrology. CleanBench incorporates TMC's unique Gimbal Piston Vibration Isolators and a tabletop with enhanced performance and features.
The CleanBench™ Advantage 
Unique new table-top design (patent pending) combines the best features of TMC's CleanTop® steel honeycomb tops with our ultra-stiff, damped, layered platform design. 

Greater stability, especially for small size tables. The low profile, high density tops lower the overall floating center-of-mass ensuring inherently stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads. 

Guided thread lead-ins to align screws with tapped holes. The "bevel" shape eases engagement of the first thread.

Ergonomics optimized for the seated user by minimizing the thickness of the table-top. Other designs either offer 100 mm, 4 in. thick tops which awkwardly separate knees and elbows or sacrifice essential mass by offering a 50 mm, 2 in. thick honeycomb top which does not have adequate massfor effective vibration isolation, especially for smaller table sizes.

Gimbal Piston™
All CleanBench tables incorporate TMC’s Gimbal Piston Air Isolators as a standard feature. The Gimbal Piston has consistently shown to out-perform other air isolators in side-by-side testing. It offers outstanding low frequency vibration isolation in all axes and maintains its performance specifications even when subjected to extremely low input levels of excitation. Proprietary damping techniques allow the Gimbal Piston to stabilize relatively top-heavy payloads and quickly dissipate disturbances of the isolated table top.

• Vertical and horizontal vibration isolation starting at 2 Hz
• Reduces vibration by more than 95% at 10Hz
• Virtually free of friction, avoiding rolling friction to static friction transitions
• Accommodates horizontal displacement by acting as a gimbal

The Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolator provides outstanding isolation in all directions for even the lowest input levels. It is lightly damped and highly responsive to typical, low-amplitude ambient floor vibrations, yet achieves very high damping for gross transient disturbances, such as sudden load changes or bumping the top plate. The result is that Gimbal Piston Isolators provide superior isolation yet will virtually eliminate any gross disturbance within a few seconds. It can also stabilize isolated systems with relatively high centers of gravity without compromising isolation.