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Mag-NetX® - Active Magnetic Field Cancellation
Active Magnetic Field Cancellation

Building upon our advanced control systems engineering and technology to actively sense and cancel building floor vibrations, we now offer Mag-NetX®, an innovative system providing active compensation of magnetic field fluctuations.

Designed both for point-of-use and OEM applications, Mag-NetX is ideal for scanning and transmission electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, ion beam instruments, and any tools that incorporate a charged beam. Combining Mag-NetX with TMC’s advanced vibration isolation systems, we can provide the ultimate control of vibration and magnetic fields.

The Mag-NetX® Advantage
Analog Controller with Digital interface – Analog control of Helmolz-type coils results in more precise real-time cancellation. Digital panel provides simple LCD read-out or PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the user.

Flexibility for On-site Tuning
– Auto-tuning at start up for typical environments and applications, or adjustable on-site tuning for more challenging environments.

Real-time monitoring – Continuous monitoring with measured fields displayed via the PC-based GUI allows for fine tuning even without relying on microscope image.