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Pneumatic Vibration Isolators for OEM Applications

  • The Gimbal Piston Advantage
    Gimbal Piston

    All CleanBench tables incorporate TMC’s Gimbal Piston Air Isolators as a standard feature. The Gimbal Piston has consistently shown to out-perform other air isolators in side-by-side testing.

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  • MaxDamp® Vibration Isolation System

    MaxDamp® is a highly damped version of our Gimbal Piston™ Air Isolator. MaxDamp® is ideal for OEM equipment with motorized X-Y stages or robots which require high performance vibration isolation and aggressive settling time for stage-induced motion of the isolated payload in a low cost, passive system.

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  • Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum Vibration Isolation System
    CSP Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum

    The Compact Sub-Hertz Pendulum Vibration Isolation System (CSP®) is a very low frequency horizontal vibration isolation system. Its uses include reducing the settling time of platforms subjected to horizontal (payload generated) impulses common to semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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