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  • SEM-Base
    STACIS® iX SEM-Base®

    SEM-Base is an active vibration cancellation floor platform designed for use specifically with Scanning Electron Microscopes. Designed to support all commercial SEM or similar SEM-type instruments on any lab floor, SEM-Base is the ideal solution to bring your lab to within the microscope's vibration criteria.

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  • STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™
    STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™

    LaserTable-Base™ is the latest addition to TMC's STACIS iX line of piezoelectric active vibration cancellation systems. Typically, optical tables are supported by low-frequency pneumatic vibration isolation systems. Though very effective at isolating high frequencies, these passive systems actually amplify vibration in the critical 1 to 3 Hz range.

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  • STACIS® iX Stage-Base™ 450
    STACIS® iX Stage-Base™ 450

    TMC continues to apply advancing technology to develop new solutions to the challenging demands that semiconductor tools place on their vibration isolation systems.

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