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Laser Interferometers

  •  Verifire

    ZYGO's Verifire™ interferometer system provides fast high-precision measurements of plano or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront of optical systems and assemblies.

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  • Verifire HD
    Verifire™ HD

    ZYGO's Verifire™ HD interferometer system provides fast high-resolution measurements of flat or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront measurement of optical components and assemblies.

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  • Dynafiz

    The new ZYGO DynaFiz® dynamic laser interferometer is a highly optimized optical instrument designed specifically for performing accurate metrology of optics in the presence of air turbulence and extreme vibrations.

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  • Verifire XL
    Verifire™ XL

    The Verifire™ XL interferometer is a stand-alone workstation designed for simplistic and reliable metrology of large flat surfaces up to twelve inches (300 mm) in diameter.

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