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Optical Surface Profilers

  • ZeGage

    The ZeGage™ optical profiler is the ideal non-contact tool for quantitative measurements of 3D form and roughness on precision machined surfaces.

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  • ZeGage Plus
    ZeGage™ Plus

    The ZeGage Plus optical profiler expands on the capabilities of the ZeGage profiler with higher precision, faster measurement speed, and an increased range of measurable surfaces.

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  • Newview 800
    NewView™ 8000 Series

    3D Optical Surface Profiler - Profile heights can range from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm, at high speeds, independent of surface texture, magnification, or feature height!

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  • Nexview

    Nexview 3D optical surface profiler excels at measuring all surfaces – from super-smooth to very rough, with sub-nanometer precision, independent of field of view.

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  • Nomad

    A portable optical profiler is the ideal solution for situations where you need to measure the surface of an object that is too large for the measurement stage of a conventional workstation profiler.

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  • AMP65

    The APM650™ packaging metrology system is a new inspection tool for automated measurement of panel-based PCBs and other advanced packaging applications.

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  • MX Software
    Mx™ Software

    ZYGO's Mx™ software powers complete system control & data analysis, including interactive 3D maps, quantitative topography data, intuitive navigation, & built-in SPC with statistics, control charting, and pass/fail limits.

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