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ZPS: Absolute Position Measurement System

ZPS: Absolute Position Measurement System
The ZPS™ system provides high-precision non-contact absolute position measurement on up to 64 synchronized channels

ZYGO's new ZPS™ system measures absolute position using ultra-compact optical sensors that are easily integrated into high-precision applications such as deformable mirrors and lens positioning.

The optical sensor system provides up to 64 synchronized channels of high-precision, non-contact, absolute position measurement over a range of 1.2 mm. Measurement resolution is 0.01 nm with ≤ 1 nm/day measurement stability.

The optical sensors do not generate heat and are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, making the ZPS system ideal for high-precision applications that may be affected by these factors. The ultra-compact sensors connect to the compact centralized enclosure via fiber optic cables.

The ZPS system is typically used in closed-loop feedback systems that require a continuous stream of high-precision position data from multiple sensors to compensate for drift and maintain precise positioning and alignment. The system can also be used as a tool in RD&E and manufacturing environments for alignment in test fixtures or to quantify dynamic mechanical performance.

Key Features:
• Non-contact optical measurement
• Repeatable absolute position measurement (≤ 0.5 nm, 3σ)
• High-precision system using proprietary compensation algorithms
• Ultra-compact sensors with no EMI sensitivity or heat generation
• Reliable telecom-proven fiber optic components
• Scalable, up to 64 channels